Alternatives to Clickers for Digital Assessments: Extreme Collaboration

Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from schools about clickers.  “Which brand should we invest in?”  “What are our options?”  To be completely honest, my favorite clickers are SMART Response Clickers…but that’s because those are the only ones I have a great deal of experience with.  I’ve used the basic clickers from E-Instruction, but you just have so many options with the SMART Response Clickers.  Clickers, however, can be very expensive.  For the month of Feburary, my posts will focus on some other options for you that may fit with the technology you already have at your school.  In this post, I’ll discuss options for those classrooms who have a SMART Boards, or uses SMART Notebook software.  In addition to the SMART Notebook software, your students will use any Internet-enabled devices (iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, etc.) to submit answers directly to the board or software.  


The beta for the tool I’m introducing below is expiring on March 31, 2014.  After that date, two versions will be available, a free version and a premium, paid version, and the name is changing from Extreme Collaboration to XC Collaboration.  For more information, visit XC Collaboration.

extreme_collaborationIn the Spring of 2013, an add-on to SMART Notebook was released called Extreme Collaboration Beta.  This add-on allows students to submit responses via the Internet and “shoot” them directly to the SMART Board.  If your students are lucky enough to have iPads or smart phones, they can submit images as well as text.  What is great about Extreme Collaboration is that once the answers are on the board, they become objects that can be moved and edited.  Extreme Collaboration has other great features such as QR code generation for student sign-on, removing students from the session, and multiple response and display options, just to name a few.  Wan to know more?  Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to set up and run an Extreme Collaboration session.  For more tutorial videos and the official Extreme Collaboration blog, visit

Here’s a screenshot of what the student sees when he/she is submitting responses.  Notice the drop down menu.  This activity was a “List by Category” activity, so the drop down menu featured the categories the student had to choose from.

2014-02-05 19.53.58

Want to download the Extreme Collaboration add-on?  Click HERE (this is for the new, non-beta version)!

Have you used Extreme Collaboration already?  Please share your experience below in the comments.  Haven’t used it, but have some awesome ideas how?  Please share!

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