Yes, I know that today is Friday, not Thursday, but life is CRAZY right now.  My apologies! 🙂  Last Thursday I introduced you to the series Putting the YOU in  YouTube.  I discussed setting up your YouTube channel and personalizing to let your students and parents know more about you and the purpose of your channel.  In this post, I’ll walk you through uploading your videos to YouTube.  Join me next week as I discuss trimming out unwanted portions of your videos.

Uploading Your Videos

From Your Computer:

Uploading videos from your computer to YouTube is very easy.  If you’ve ever attached a file to an email, or used your My Documents to open a file, you’re good to go.  The Upload button on YouTube is present on every page.  It’s in the top center of the page.  To upload a video, click that Upload button, and it’ll take you to this page:


For right now, we’ll ignore what’s on the right hand side of the page, and just focus on the white space in the middle.  If you click on the gray arrow, a dialog box will open up, where you’ll locate the folder/file where you video is saved.  If the video file is already open, you can just drag and drop the file onto the white space.  Either of those will begin the upload process.  The drop-down menu right below the upload area that says, “Public” is where you’ll set your viewing options.  You can always go back into the settings of the video once it is uploaded and change this, but it’s easies to just go ahead and set it now.  You options are Public (everyone can see it and people can find it through a search), Private (only people you designate can view it, and they have to be logged in to their account), or Unlisted (people have to have the link to view your video, but do not have to be signed in).

From Your Phone or Device:

After recording a video with your device, it should be saved in your Photos app (sorry if I use iOS terminology, but it’s what I’m familiar with).  Choose the video that you wish to upload.  From there, click the “Share” button.  On iOS devices, it is a rectangle with an arrow coming out of the top.  This should bring up several ways that you can share your video, including email, Twitter, and YouTube.  Choose YouTube.  If you are not signed in to your account, you will first be prompted to sign in.  Once you are signed in, you will be asked to give your video a title, write a brief description, set the viewing options (Public, Private, Unlisted), and choose a category.  Once you have input all of this information, click “Publish”, and your video will be uploaded to YouTube.

Once your video has been uploaded, either from your computer or from your device, it will take a few minutes to process.  Depending on the length of your video, processing could take a few seconds to a few minutes.  If you feel that it’s taking a really long time, cancel the upload and try again.  My challenge to you over the next week is to take a few videos and get them uploaded to YouTube.  Next week, we’ll look at trimming down your video and taking out parts that you don’t need.  I hope to “see” you back next week!

Next Steps:

Trimming videos

Video Editor

Making your videos interactive (Coming Soon!)

Publishing your videos on YouTube (Coming Soon!)

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